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“Luc Acke sings straight from and to the heart. His charismatic voice – a combination of emotional vulnerability and power – and enchanting melodies will carry you to places of soothing stillness and ecstatic joy.”
 – Dave Stringer

Luc Acke is a singer-songwriter, mantra singer and yoga instructor from Antwerp, Belgium.

Since 2008, he has independently released an EP of acoustic pop songs, WHYDENTITY, and two critically acclaimed mantra albums, BOLO! & HOME. In December 2014, Luc released his first full length English language album, entitled LOVE.

Luc has shared the stage with internationally renowned kirtan artists like Dave Stringer and Donna De Lory, and spiritual leader, physician and author Dr. Deepak Chopra.

His latest release is his first EP in his mother tongue Dutch, HOU VAN HAAR​. The EP contains 5 tracks written for the adaptation of the book of the same name by Peter Platel.


Je kan Luc boeken voor een kirtan, concert, en/of yogasessie.
Wil je Luc in jouw yogastudio of huiskamer meemaken?
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12 Nov 2016 Luc Acke Carlsbad, USA The Chopra Center for Wellbeing The Chopra Center for Wellbeing Buy ticket
04 Feb 2017 Luc Acke & Erwin Van Gorp Utrecht, NL The Colour Kitchen The Colour Kitchen
05 Feb 2017 Luc Acke & Erwin Van Gorp Utrecht, NL The Colour Kitchen The Colour Kitchen





“Luc Acke is forever Yogi of the Year. His tender-hearted and soulful essence shines brilliantly with every word he speaks, every song he sings & every asana he teaches. Luc is a divine expression of YOGA.”
 – davidji

Luc started practising Hatha Yoga with Bob Somers in 1997. Over the years, he has become a certified instructor in the styles of Hatha Yoga (The Chopra Center for Wellbeing), Vinyasa Yoga (Svaha Yoga Amsterdam), and Restorative Yoga (Judith Hanson Lasater).

In September 2011, Luc and his partner Peter opened up Royal Yoga, a boutique yoga studio in Antwerp, where they offer meditation, yoga and ayurveda in an intimate, non-competitive and friendly environment.

Luc was honoured to have been named Yogi of the Year by Yoga Magazine (The Netherlands) in 2013.

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After his discovery of kirtan at a Jivamukti yoga workshop in 2008, Luc started merging his yogic practice with his passion as a singer-songwriter, composing chants on harmonium and guitar, leading kirtans, and playing live at yoga classes in Belgium and abroad.

Kirtan is a practice that quiets the mind and opens the heart. Singing ancient Sanskrit mantras, kirtan helps to remove obstacles and to bring us to the center of our being. When we chant, breathe, and move to the same melodies and rhythms, we improve our personal and universal well being. Sing and surrender to an experience of freedom, peace, and limitless joy…

If you don’t particularly like singing (along) you are more than welcome to sit back, relax, and enjoy a heart warming concert!


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