New mantra album “GANESHA” coming soon!

Luc has been working on his third mantra album, GANESHA, which is scheduled for release later this year.

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New EP “HOU VAN HAAR” out now!

LucAcke_HouVanHaarLuc is very excited about his first project in Dutch, a 5 track EP with songs inspired by the book HOU VAN HAAR that was written by his husband Peter Platel.

After a hugely successful book release, Peter & Luc created an interactive, fun and funny two-man-show based on the book. Peter transports the audience into the wonderful, recognizable and hilarious universe of hairdressers, customers and their hair, interspersed with a few of Luc’s songs inspired by the book.

Order your copy right here right now with free shipping:

EP Tracklist:

1. Hou Van Haar
2. Follikel & Cuticula
3. Marie-José
4. Winter In Mijn Hoofd
5. Kapper Knap (feat. Peter Platel)

New album LOVE out now!

LA_LOVE_artwork.inddYou can download the album from this website, from CDBaby, from iTunes, Amazon, stream through Spotify, etc…
The physical album can be ordered now from the online store, price includes free worldwide shipping.
The track LEAVES is available as a free download.
Also new at the the online store are the first Luc Acke Photography limited edition greeting cards, just in time for the season! A set of 9 square single fold cards, 3 designs (evening sky, dandelion puff, and winter leaves), 3 cards of each, with the cutest little white envelopes.


New Album “LOVE” Coming this Fall

Luc is very excited to be releasing his first full length album of acoustic pop songs, entitled LOVE, this Fall.

Luc about the album: In a sense, this album has been almost 10 years in the making, with some songs dating back to the very beginning of my songwriting days. I had almost given up on pursuing music entirely, when I reconnected with my voice and I started to write. Love, perhaps one of the most profound human experiences, has always been a great source of inspiration. As so many of us, I too have lived through the good, the bad, the ugly, and found that whether love lifts you up or tears you down, in the end it will always lead to transformation and hopefully help us become a better person and lover. Some of these songs are based on facts, others are fiction, all of them are from the heart. I hope they find a place in yours.

You can preview the main tracks by clicking the video below.

Update: You can now download the track “Leaves” for free in the shop.


Luc Acke WhydentityLuc’s first EP of acoustic pop songs WHYDENTITY is available for the first time since its original (digital) release in 2008.

You can listen to 2 tracks (“Grannies” & “Timekeeper”) in the Music section and buy your hard copy or download from the Shop.