“Luc Acke is forever Yogi of the Year. His tender-hearted and soulful essence shines brilliantly with every word he speaks, every song he sings & every asana he teaches. Luc is a divine expression of YOGA.”
 – davidji

Luc started practising Hatha Yoga with Bob Somers in 1997. Over the years, he has become a certified instructor in the styles of Hatha Yoga (The Chopra Center for Wellbeing), Vinyasa Yoga (Svaha Yoga Amsterdam), Yin Yoga (Jo Phee), and Restorative Yoga (Judith Hanson Lasater).

Luc focuses on integrating music in yoga and offers yoga & healing sound workshops for larger audiences in Belgium and abroad. He was honoured to have been named “Yogi of the Year” by Yoga Magazine (The Netherlands) in 2013.

His latest project is co-creating the Radiant Light Yoga Fundamentals Teacher Training (January-December 2018, now open for registration).

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